Refunds and Returns: Paper Chase Press issues refunds as store credit only. Upon acceptance of this proposal, or any modification thereof, Paper Chase Press will be entitled to recover all costs that it may incur.

Shipping: All of our products are shipped via UPS.

Production Time:Flat and folded cards: 5-7 estimated working days after final proof approval. All other items: 10-15 estimated working days after final PDF proof approval. To reiterate, these are estimated timelines. For guaranteed due dates please contact customer service.

Files: Pricing is based off of files received as press-ready PDFs (Acrobat 4 or 5 only), generated from Paper Chase's PDF export presets. Files must include bleeds, links (as flattened Tiff, JPEG, or PSD files only), and complete fonts. Files over 300MB in size must be sent to our offices via Disc or Drive. FTP upload is available for files under 300MB. Files submitted otherwise or that require re-submission will incur charges at a rate of $150 per hour.

Billing: Payment is required to commence production.

Proofs: PDF proofs must be approved to proceed to final production.

Quote Terms: Quotes are valid for 30 days only.

Shipping Refunds: All shipping refunds will be remitted as a credit for the amount paid.

File Resubmission:
Files that require resubmission will be charged for additional prepress work at a prorated rate of $150 per hour, details are as follows:
15 minutes for flat sheets, or $37.50
30 minutes for any book up to 120pp, or $75.00
1 hour for any book over 120pp, or $150.00

Production Disclosure: Products guaranteed with Paper Chase approved materials only. Custom materials, stocks, binding, and finishing styles forgo Paper Chase's proven working methods. Paper Chase issues standard PDF proofs free of charge for all jobs in production. Both printed and electronic proofs are for formatting and conditional color reference only. Any discrepancies between proofing and final production processes are not guaranteed to match color or neutrality (i.e., Pantones proofed as 4 color process, or digital proofs for offset press runs). All printed proofs must be returned to Paper Chase for use in final production. Reproduction quality on jobs printed without returned original proof will not be guaranteed to match, and Paper Chase will accept no liability for work which is not to our client's satisfaction excepting the case of actual printing defects such as hickeys, scumming, etc.

It is the client's responsibility to check proofs carefully and return them to Paper Chase as promptly as possible. Any scheduling time lost to due to delays in returning proofs or responding to inquiries from Paper Chase concerning an order will be the responsibility of the client. If a client asks any agent of Paper Chase to check a proof on their behalf, that client in doing so releases Paper Chase from any responsibility or liability arising from the presence of defects or errors in that proof. Requests for changes on a proof arising from other than an error by Paper Chase will incur additional charges for labor, services, and materials.

Paper Chase will take responsible care to ensure that art and other materials furnished by the customer are safely returned; however under no circumstances will Paper Chase accept liability for loss or damage to artwork. The client shall obtain all necessary permission to reproduce artwork, photographs, and other materials used in a printed piece, and shall totally indemnify Paper Chase and its agents from any claim arising therefrom. Paper Chase reserves the right to use the product as samples of its service, unless the client and company have signed a mutually binding non-disclosure agreement.

Average turnaround time is approximately 15 working days from receipt of both deposit and all finalized, press-ready files, not including the period while the proof is awaiting approval. Whereas every reasonable effort is made to meet our anticipated delivery dates, Paper Chase shall not have any liability for any damages, incurred cost, or loss of income sustained by any client due to delays in the production and delivery of their job by Paper Chase.

Timely proof approval is the full responsibility of the client, production does not commence until proofs are formally approved. Paper Chase products that are full bleed, or with imagery and/or text nearer than 1/8 inch from the edge of the page, may result in shift or loss (this also applies to text on book spines). Additional stages in bindery such as mounting will increase this risk. Heavy coverage of inks may result in scuffing or scratching and cannot be guaranteed without the addition of an off-line coating. Paper Chase does not guarantee the archivability of its products. Items exposed to direct sunlight, humidity, oil or dirt may damage. Paper Chase products are crafted by hand and variations will occur.

Overage: A 10% difference is allowed on all printed goods. Overage and shortage will be handled on a proration basis only. Adjustments can be made to the completed order within 48 hours of delivery. Any order to be returned must be returned in full before any adjustments can be made. In case of printing error, Paper Chase reserves the right to reprint or grant full or partial refund as satisfaction. Matters of dispute will be settled in accordance with reasonable prevailing standards of the industry.

This quote or invoice is subject to the conditions set forth by the Printing Industry of America's Printing Trade Customs and is based upon the relationship between Paper Chase Printing, Inc. and the above named customer. There can be no assignment of the obligation for payment without Paper Chase Printing's approval in writing. This quotation is subject to review after 30 days. Changes and alterations will be charged as extra. No employee or agent of Paper Chase may modify or change any of these Terms and Conditions.

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