Brand Books: What They Are, Why You Need Them & How To Make Them

Aug 28, 2015

You've landed that huge meeting you've been dreaming of with a dream client you'd kill for, congratulations! You're brand is gaining momentum; it's distinguished, vibrant, consistent and most importantly, you're proud of it. Time to show it off.

A brand book is a concise and colorful way to showcase your brand’s story. Unlike a lookbook or other promotional material, it's a full story about your company and its capabilities, making it the ideal item to have in your professional arsenal to turn that pitch meeting into business. Now that you're pumped, read on for our tips on how to make your brand book work for you:

1. Distinguish this book from your seasonal materials. Allow it to speak to the overall story of your brand. This book should contain the inspiration behind your brand and showcase the consistent themes, text, and materials they can come expect from you.

2. A quality brand book offers an unexpected edge over the competition. Printed in hardcover, our lay flat pages stay open, for a sleek presentation to your clients.

3. Let the book lead the meeting. Utilize it as a tool guide to tell your story. Each and every page should be a key talking point, leaving no room for error.

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    Hardcover Book

    Hardcover Books

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    Softcover Books

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