Client Profile: Show Me Your Mumu's Cologne Schmidt

Nov 11, 2015


Chances are, if you’ve seen a wildly printed, gypset-inspired, mermaid-haired girl in a floral crown blowing up your Instagram feed, she’s been wearing Show Me Your Mumu. The boho-brand basically owns social media, and its co-founder Cologne Schmidt is charming proof of why it’s such a smashing success. “We bring a lifestyle of love and being true to yourself,” she says. “We want girls to have fun with their friends, and be nice to each other. We love color and fun vibes.”

Those vibes were completely apparent in the project that Cologne recently printed with us, which also happened to be excitingly personal. The designer created travel-inspired save-the-dates and invitations for her upcoming nuptials, as she shares with us below.

Your Paper Chase project is for your wedding-- how exciting! Tell us more.

It’s my Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates! I am getting married in Kauai, so we made a double sided vintage postcard of Hanalei Bay, Kauai for the Save the Dates. The invites were a tropical vibe composed of a main invite with our names in metallic gold, a schedule of events, RSVP card, watercolor map of the location, and envelopes. We made them double ply with metallic gold edges, and they all came out SO beautifully!

What inspired your design?

It was easy to pick a theme, because I am getting married in Kauai. Hanalei Bay is very lush and old school Hawaiian, so I tried to capture the vibes of the town. I worked with one of our talented print designers Liz Casella to create vintage hawaiian prints for my bridesmaids dresses. Luckily we make bridesmaids dresses at Show Me Your Mumu, so I was able to do this with our team. I used the tropical elements from the prints, and had Liz create the designs for the invites so everything went together. It's really fun and crazy because my bridesmaids will match my invites.

What else am you printing with Paper Chase?

I also am printing my wedding day materials with them- menu's and a thank you card. It is so special to have everything consistent for your wedding, and match qualities, colors, and vibes. As a clothing line too- we plan to use them for our company printing as well- photo postcards and gift cards etc. I use Paper Chase because their quality is like no other printer we have ever worked with. They are very professional, and I know my printing is in good hands!

Your invites, and all of Mumus designs actually, are brimming with energy and creativity. What’s your creative process?

For wedding invites- you first have to determine your location before you can begin on the invites. Once that was decided, it was easy to get creative and decide on the theme and elements. I of course, scoured Pinterest for hours to get inspiration from vintage prints. Then I rallied the troops to help me put it all together. My sister help with the fonts and graphic designs. My talented mother watercolored the map and self lined the envelopes. A friend addressed the envelopes with a gold gel pen. They really came together beautifully with the help of my creative team!!

How does this project fit into your design philosophy?

Mumu is all about prints and doing things out of the ordinary. We love colors, and vintage inspired prints and elements. We love to get inspired from our travels and nature- so these invitations are very "Mumu".

The paper product I can’t live without is my notebook from Sayulita, and I use it to take my Mumu notes in everyday!

What are your creative inspirations?

I love to travel, and I believe there is SO much out there to see, get inspired by, and change your perspective.

What brought you to your current role?

My now business partner Cammy and I moved to NYC directly after college at UC Berkeley. We were roommates and found ourselves working in fashion show rooms. This was when we started Mumu on the side-- we both have entrepreneur spirits and we work hard and get the job done. Not a lot of laziness here.

What’s the best professional lesson you’ve learned?

Keep your integrity. And stop, think and then respond. I am not the best at it yet, but I am always learning!

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Getting to be creative. I love the business side, but above all- I love to be creative. Developing and choosing prints is one of my favorite things. I also am so lucky to work with so many amazing women, and I get to spend all day with them every week. We are a big Mumu family and it is really special.

Describe a typical day at work.

Every day is different at Mumu. It is a young office full of mumu girls- we have a lot of fun, but we all work really hard. Days are usually filled with meetings with different departments-- design, fittings, E-commerce meetings, Production meetings, etc. We are involved in all aspects of the business so it is really busy!

What are some exciting developments you can share with us?

We have seeing a lot of growth with our online business, and we are having a lot of fun developing online exclusives and new categories for our direct channel. We just launched Mumu Blue (denim), and we are launching activewear and bikinis early 2016!

What do you love about what your company brings to its clients?

We bring a lifestyle of love and being true to yourself. We convey our personality in our photoshoots, our pictures, our website, and across our social media channels. We want girls to have fun with their friends, and be nice to each other. We love color and fun vibes. 

Describe your brand’s aesthetic in three words:

Bohemian, amazing prints, and gyspet.

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