From The Desk Of: Heather Taylor

Nov 24, 2015

While the city of Los Angeles can evoke a sundry of impressions, its easy-going vibe and crisp aesthetic are indisputable. That’s exactly what LA native Heather Taylor wanted to capture in her eponymous home goods and textiles collection. Launched in 2013 by the designer, the Heather Taylor Home collection captures the cool nature of the city through calm hues and simple patterns, and has been featured by retailers like Net-A-Porter, Jenni Kayne, and Clare Vivier. Also the voice behind travel and lifestyle blog "LA In Bloom", Heather sat down with us and spilled her insights, from her proudest accomplishment to the invaluable pieces of wisdom she picked up along her journey.

Describe your personal aesthetic in three words: "Colorful, clean, fresh."

What is your favorite aspect of the job you do?

"Designing items that my friends want to use in their daily lives. I love creating beautiful moments and spaces and I'm lucky that I get to do that almost every day."

Describe the creative space at your company.

"Layered with textiles, books, magazines, flowers, ceramics made by friends. I like to be surrounded by things that get my creative juices flowing."

How does one tap into their creative side?

"Try something new. Learn a new hobby. Push out of your comfort zone."

What is the best advice you’ve received recently?

"Better good today than great tomorrow."

What brought you to Paper Chase Press?

"We are neighbors. I love that I can walk to PCP to approve printed proofs. It gives the illusion of small town living!"

What was the inspiration behind your Summer 2015 Lookbook project?

"The inspiration was following a HTH girl as she goes about her day. I worked with photographer Jeana Sohn to create something that would feel relaxing and I think that feeling comes through in the images."

What are your design inspirations?

"I find inspiration all over but my senses are especially heightened when I get out of town."

When do you feel like you’re at your best?

"When I'm well rested and well fed."

How often do you use printed goods to promote your business?

"Daily - I am always giving out business cards and sending hand written notes. I write a note to every single person who shops on our website. And we send out lookbooks to stores and press twice a year. I think it's refreshing to get something in the mail or even to be handed a business card in our digital age."

Fill in the blanks!

I'm a true believer in "picking up the phone" / Major skeptic about "dealing with anything of substance via email"

Fear conquered: "childbirth" / Not quite there yet: "public speaking"

Lately, I won’t shut up about "Hamilton, the musical" / Subject I avoid: "Any and all gossip."

My proudest accomplishment is: "my daughter" / The next goal on the horizon is "working with local non profits (St. Joseph Center, PS Arts, Baby2Baby) that help underprivileged children in LA county."

What’s on your desk?

"iPhone, a stack of magazines and books that inspire, photo of my daughter, fresh flowers."

What's on your reading list?

"Books: Purity by Jonathan Franzen, The Road to Character by David Brooks, Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Magazines: New Yorker, World of Interiors, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Martha Stewart Living, C Magazine."

What music do you have in heavy rotation?

"We listen to a pretty sweet selection of folk music with my daughter when she wakes up in the morning. Our current favorite is this old record called The Simon Sisters Sing for Children."

What is the best professional lesson you’ve ever learned?

"Failure is key on the road to success."

What career moves and/or aspirations brought you to your current role?

"Working for a demanding "Devil Wears Prada"-type of boss who had never heard the word NO was a career watershed for me. I learned how to be organized and persistent, two skills that are key when growing a small business."

What’s the motto/life philosophy/advice you live by?

"A quote from John Wooden: 'Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.'"

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