From The Desk Of: Roxane Zargham

Jan 13, 2016

We first worked with Roxane Zargham, Creative Director and Principal of her namesake studio, on gala invitations for The Museum of Contemporary Art here in Los Angeles. Since then, we've had the pleasure of printing projects for some of her clients like Co and Brachfeld Paris. Roxane's portfolio spans the cultural divides between high art, pop, and fashion, with clients like Nike, Hermes, Rizzoli, and many more. We sat down with her to get a glimpse of her life—from her everyday essentials to her insights and inspirations.


What’s on your desk?

Laptop, phone, magazines, chopsticks, mockups of a new project, water, and a Pantone book.

Fill in the blank: "I don't show up at a meeting without _________."

Sketchbook and moodboards.

What's on your reading list?

New York Times, T Magazine, LA Times, The Eastsider, BBC, The Business of Fashion, The Gentlewoman, The Biography of Elizabeth I

I'd write to... / I would love to get a letter from...

A descendant of mine 3 or 4 thousand years from now that I will never meet. Wait… I should just do that now! / Lucy the Australopithecus about her hopes and dreams for humanity.

Describe your personal aesthetic in three words:

Minimal, Detailed, Identifiable

Describe the creative space at your company:

Bright, White, Light

What are your design inspirations?

Harper’s Bazaar from the 90s

How does one tap into their creative side?

There’s no way to turn it on or off, it’ll just be there if you love what you do

What’s the motto/life philosophy/advice you live by?

Don’t stop!

What is your favorite aspect of the job you do?

Meeting amazing people

The paper product I can’t live without is ____ and I use it to _____.

My sketchbook. I can’t function without it.

What career moves and/or aspirations brought you to your current role?

Honestly, it just happened. The timing was right and I was up for the challenge. I’m very proud of what I do, but owning a business and being out on my own has been no joke. I figure that if I keep having fun and keep working hard it will go somewhere.

Share an insight on your life or life in general that you’ve discovered:

That everything is going to be OK.

When do you feel like you’re at your best?

On set in the middle of it all, that’s my favorite place to be. At the opposite end of the spectrum, it would be when I’m designing layouts super late at night on my couch because I just can’t stop. I’m pretty happy on a dancefloor too…

Branding is __________.

three rounds of revisions.

What brought you to Paper Chase Press?

Oh that’s easy, they’re the best in town!

How often do you use printed goods to promote your business?

Is that a rhetorical question? Haha! All the time!

What's the response like to these printed goods?

From us to the client to the printers - everyone puts so much time and effort into making beautiful printed pieces so the response is always great when everyone is part of that process! It’s very special and so satisfying to have real physical visceral pieces printed. We are total printing nerds.

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