From The Desk Of: Marisa Mazria Katz

Oct 13, 2016

We'd consider being part of the family here at Paper Chase to be one of Marisa's more minor achievements in life. As the Editor-in-Chief of Creative Time Reports, Marisa has conceptualized and overseen projects with artists addressing political issues across the globe. Her work has taken her to nearly every continent on earth, and has involved such notables as Ai Weiwei, Trevor Paglen, David Byrne, and Laura Poitras, just to name a few. We've seen first-hand how Marisa has married her love of journalism with contemporary art, and we wanted to know more.

What’s on your desk?

A chalkboard, New Yorker magazine, conch shell and pictures of my daughter and her cousins.

Fill in the blank: "I don't show up at a meeting without _________."

A ballpoint and reporters notebook

What's on your reading list?

Robert F. Worth's 'A Rage for Order', Elena Ferrante's 'The Days of Abandonment', and re-reading Jeff Chang's 'Can't Stop Won't Stop'

What’s in your bag/always on your person?

Bobby pins, raw almonds, a metrocard and a pink tincture of essential oils my mom made.

I'd always... / I'd never...

I'd always say 'yes' to an assignment in a country I've never visited. I'd never let my passport expire.

Would try once... / No, thanks....

Cooking for 50 / Running a marathon

I'm getting better at... / I'm getting worse at...

Biking over the Williamsburg Bridge/Seeing without my glasses.  

What’s the motto/life philosophy/advice you live by?

Pablo Picasso: "Everything you can imagine is real."

When do you feel like you’re at your best?

The first few hours of exploring a new city.

What are the most exciting developments in your industry?

The rise of non-profit journalism organizations like Pro Publica and The Marshall Project.

The vice you’ll never give up is __________.

Facetime with my niece and nephew

What is the best advice you’ve received recently?

It isn't the most recent advice, but it is one I will always treasure/remember: "Don't go back. Goats go back." My father said it to me when I was contemplating returning to an old flame. I think the simplicity can be applied to just about anything, though. 

What brought you to Paper Chase Press?

I was born in Paper Chase--started working the cash register when I was four. 

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

When a commissioned artist op-ed for Creative Time Reports goes viral like our David Byrne piece we co-published with the Guardian in 2013.

What career moves and/or aspirations brought you to your current role?

I wrote a piece for Vogue in 2011 about teaching journalism in Morocco. The article was seen by someone at Creative Time who thought I would be a good fit to lead Creative Time Reports, a project where artists around the world report on the news.

What are your creative inspirations?

My husband, David Scanavino, and his artwork. His tenacity and creativity are a constant source of joy.

What websites and blogs do you read regularly?

+972 Magazine, Al Monitor, New Yorker, Guardian, New York Times


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