From The Desk Of: Sarah Brown McLeod

Jan 12, 2017

We first met Sarah in New York when she was working in communications for fashion brands like Yohji Yamamoto. Fast forward a decade and she's landed squarely in the art world with Paddle8, an auction house bringing innovation to a field encumbered by tradition. We've long admired how she utilizes her business acumen in the creative realm so we sat down with her to learn more.

What’s on your desk?

A daily hand written to do list, the act of writing things down is very grounding.

Fill in the blank: "I don't show up at a meeting without _________."

A pen and notebook

What's on your reading list?

Outside of constant election obsession, I'm reading Nobokov's Lolita for the first time. What. A. Book.

What’s in your bag/always on your person?

Sadly, my phone.

I'd write to... / I would love to get a letter from...

Simone de Beauvoir / Voltaire

I'm a true believer in... / Major skeptic about...

Love / cynicism

Constantly craving... / Don't see the appeal of...

Anything spicy / bacon in chocolate (WHY!?)

I'm getting better at... / I'm getting worse at...

Time management / clothes hoarding

Describe your personal aesthetic in three words:

Maximal and fun

Describe the creative space at your company:

Collaborative and innovative, people at Paddle8 are doers which is inspiring.

What are your design inspirations?

I love turn of the century Vienna, the mixing of patterns, bold silhouettes and exquisite craftsmanship. Also, the Beetlejuice house.

How does one tap into their creative side?

Try not to feel fear.

What’s the motto/life philosophy/advice you live by?

Not one thing in this world can matter all that much, so try to take it easy.

The paper product I can’t live without is ____ and I use it to _____.

I'm forgetful, so I can't live without a notebook where I write everything down, it's great having all my thoughts in one place.

When do you feel like you’re at your best?

First thing in the morning, I love the clarity I have when I first wake up.

Describe a typical day at work:

The day flies by between meetings/calls, I am always shocked when I look up and it's 5pm.

What is the best professional lesson you’ve ever learned?

Think 2 steps ahead and stay in touch with people.

What are the most exciting developments in your industry?

I'd say the emergence of the 21st century collector and the global market for art which we're tapping into through our platform on Paddle8 better than anyone else.

What do you love about what your company brings to its clients?

Global access to art, it's democratizing and empowering.

What career moves and/or aspirations brought you to your current role?

Taking risks and not being afraid to change course, I started out in fashion and made a move into the art world about 6 years ago -- it was scary to start over in a way but I knew that one day both experiences would converge in the right way.

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