From The Desk Of: Waiting for Saturday

Jul 07, 2016

We had the pleasure of working with Nicole and Olivia, printing their business cards and notecards. Their "off - duty" motto is a refershing break from the daily grind and a keeps us feeling like its Saturday everyday. We sat down to find out what inspires the WFS gals.

What’s on your desk?

We don't have a desk per se, we work from our laptops, wherever our shoots take us. - Olivia + Nicole

Fill in the blank: "I don't show up at a meeting without _________."

A bodega care pack. It's a little thank you we put together with all our favorite bodega goodies: a Corona, Haribo, Cheez-Its and now a PCP thank you card.  - Olivia

What's on your reading list?

As a new mom, "What to Expect in the First Year" is the book I'm trying to get through and it's slow going.  - Olivia

What’s in your bag?

A camera of some sort (iPhone or real camera) + Tatcha lip balm.  - Nicole

I'd write to... / I would love to get a letter from...

I'd write a [love letter] to my husband / I would love to get a [love letter] from my husband. - Olivia

I'm a true believer in... / Major skeptic about...

...Susan Miller's monthly horoscopes and's daily horoscopes (ha! It's true). / ...most other horoscopes. - Olivia

Constantly craving... / Don't see the appeal of...

...sweets. They're an every day thing for me. / without sweets? - Olivia

I'm early for... / I'm late for...

...almost everything. / ...sadly almost nothing. I usually send a "Running 10 minutes late" text prematurely and still arrive on time. - Olivia

Skills mastered... / I can't quite get the hang of...

"Mastered" is an overstatement but I'm loving Snapchat / ...can't quite get the hang of finding people on Snapchat (see what I said about "mastered")? - Olivia

I'm picky about... / Not so picky about....

...beaches (I'm from Hawaii after all) / ...beach cocktails. - Nicole

I'll never give up _____ / Ehh, I'm kind of over _____

...writing an old fashioned thank you note / ...the "Thank you" text filled with emoji -Nicole

Describe your personal aesthetic in three words:

Clean, minimal, relaxed

Describe the creative space at your company:

Our creative space is wherever our shoots take us. They can be coffee shops, someone's apartment, a backyard (when we're lucky) or even a spa (when we're luckier). Working like this is lovely because visually we're constantly inspired by our rotating spaces. - Olivia

How does one tap into their creative side?

For me it's about being fearless -- not trying to sound or look or act like someone else or create something that seems "right" but to just let yourself set the rules and tone. Your wildest, most creative ideas come from the moments you are not editing or censoring yourself.  Listen to your intuition, it's the best advice-giver. - Olivia

What’s the motto/life philosophy/advice you live by?

Eek. Just do it? -Olivia  Be nice. - Nicole

What is your favorite aspect of the job you do?

It's impossible to pick just one! We love meeting the women we profile, we LOVE that we get to then ask them a million questions, we love having the opportunity to share these experiences and probably the most rewarding of all, is getting an email or a comment from a reader saying they love reading WFS. Those moments always amaze us because we would be doing this whether people read the site at all or not, it's pretty spectacular when we see someone does (and they're not our moms or husbands). - Olivia

The paper product I can’t live without is ____ and I use it to _____.

My printed photos. I use them to get real sentimental every now and then: Music, wine, and hopefully my husband embargoes my phone so I don't go too #tbt happy. - Nicole 

When do you feel like you’re at your best?

When I'm tapping into my intuition and enjoying the things I love (the stuff I mentioned above). - Nicole

After a long run and shower, I'm definitely in my happiest head space. - Olivia

How does your brand convey its unique personality?

Through our voice, our style of imagery, the quietness of our site's design. - Olivia

Branding is __________.

DNA. It's the thing you can always come back to, to guide your decisions. - Nicole

Describe a typical day at work:

9am: Usually we work on weekends so by this time we're finally up and answering emails and maybe pubbing our “Saturday Shot” blogpost. Shoot days always start with a bodega care pack run, around 10:30am. We usually spend an hour and a half interviewing and shooting (11am - 12:30pm). Then we’ll stop for a quick lunch at some place Nicole has starred on Yelp and then we’ll do another shoot at 2pm. After that we occasionally part ways or we go for a little walkabout and check out some shop or coffee spot we learned about through WFS. - Olivia

What is the best professional lesson you’ve ever learned?

Be nice to everyone. Really. This can't be overstated. Good vibes out, good vibes in. - Olivia

What are the most exciting developments in your industry?

Not that new, but Snapchat! We're obsessed. - Nicole

What do you love about what your company brings to its clients?

We love that we bring a level of authenticity and honesty to our readers. We really ask questions we want to know the answers to, we don't over edit responses/images, we try to present everything with a sense of humor and service. - Olivia

How do you start and/or end your day?

Start: Coffee/ End: Cocktail - Nicole

The vice you’ll never give up is __________.

Filling up an online shopping cart and never checking out. Talenti gelato. - Olivia

Tell us about your latest printed project:

Business cards and thank you notes that go into our bodega care packs courtesy of Paper Chase Press. - Nicole

What was the inspiration behind this project?

Clean, minimal, mirroring the look and feel of our site. - Olivia

What brought you to Paper Chase Press?

The beautiful work you've done for our bud, Clare V. and our friend Alexandra Piotrowski. - Olivia

How often do you use printed goods to promote your business?

Every time we go on a shoot and every time we send a thank you after. - Olivia

What's the response like to these printed goods?

People ADORE the blind deboss. It's so subtle and very WFS. - Nicole

How does this project fit into your design philosophy? Your branding? Your overall objectives?

Our philosophy is clean, elegant, minimal, modern with a little bit of imperfection thrown in. This checks every box. Our logo (designed by the wonderful Albert Ignacio of Totally With It) has those irregularly sized letters and in the blind deboss there's something quiet about them that feels totally aligned with our core philosophywe present our point of view but don't impose so the photos are never posed and our interviews are very off the cuff. We don't impose ourselves too loudly. - Olivia

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